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I'm Codie Lea. A BodyMind & Soul Coach, Artist, and a huge tea lover. I have a passion for learning new things (Self-Help junkie over here!), teaching and guiding, exploring the world, creativity in all it’s forms, and huge belly laughs. I have an ever growing tea fascination (currently crushing on home made Kombucha), and a yearning to aid others toward wholeness.

I am a fun loving, generously honest, down to earth lady that would love to know you!

If I am not coaching or in my art studio creating magic, then I am relaxing in my fuzzy socks with my hubby, watching a movie (that took us 45min to decide on... #struggleisreal), or walking my adorable little Bandit around the block.  My life is full of everyday magic moments which I often share on my Instagram stories.


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